The Association of Commercial Attorneys has now been approved by the Lord President of Scotland, the Scottish Government and the Office of Fair Trading to represent parties in the Sheriff Courts in matters relating to construction and building law.

The Association is in the process of setting up its operational infrastructure, the various committees required by legislation and the first training course in Sheriff Court Practice is starting in January 2009.

We anticipate that the first Commercial Attorneys will be allowed to practice in the Sheriff Courts in April 2009.

If you have an LL.M. in Construction Law, a construction-related professional qualification, and you complete the 4 day training course in Sheriff Court Practice you will be eligible to apply for an interim practicing certificate which will allow you to represent your clients in the Sheriff Court. The oral advocacy part of Sheriff Court Ordinary Cause proceedings (above £5,000.00) will be carried out by an advocate or a court solicitor you will instruct on behalf of your client.

Acting as a Commercial Attorney will build on the knowledge gained in the LL.M. in Construction Law, enhance your legal abilities further, and allow you to combine your technical and legal skills to offer a different approach to litigation.

As a construction professional, Commercial Attorney, and an officer of the court, you will be able to raise your profile and bring a degree of expertise on behalf of your clients which will be unique within the construction and building industry.

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For detail of the consultation please see this.  For detail of the Association’s application, please click here.